Buying a car is usually the second-largest expense made by the average American, next to owning a home. With drivers keeping their cars for longer, properly maintaining yours is crucial to keeping it on the road.

Getting in the habit of performing preventative maintenance can help prevent costly repairs down the road. These maintenance measures will also help keep your vehicle running safely to protect you and your passengers on your journeys.

Car Maintenance Tips for Your Mitsubishi

Read the manual

By cracking open the owner’s manual that came with your car, you’ll be able to learn the mileage checkpoints recommended by the manufacturer — among other things. Getting regular maintenance — such as oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid changes — performed at the scheduled intervals will keep your car, truck, or SUV running properly.

You’ll also receive indications of when to have other parts inspected or serviced, such as the brakes, hoses, battery, and more. Many factors can affect how these parts wear over time, like your climate, driving conditions, and driving style.

Perform basic checks

You can stay on top of the scheduled maintenance by regularly checking the oil levels and tire pressure at home. By getting in this habit, you’ll be aware of any issues that may arise that you can let your service technician know about.

Opening the hood on a regular basis will also allow you to inspect the hoses, belts, and more to see if they’re starting to wear prematurely. Even if you stick to the manufacturer’s schedule, sometimes emergency repairs can be unavoidable and happen before they’re supposed to.

Schedule regular checkups

Having multi-point inspections performed on your car doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or expensive process. Our Service Center is staffed with Mitsubishi-trained mechanics who use advanced diagnostic tools to locate any issues with your vehicle. These regular checkups can help identify areas that need immediate attention or will need to be addressed at a later date.

Have someone else drive it

You know your car better than anyone, and what may seem like quirks to you could spell a larger issue. By asking a friend or family member to drive your vehicle around, you can get an honest opinion of the braking, if the steering wheel pulls to one side, or any funny noises.

Service Your Vehicle in West Palm Beach, FL

If your car needs regularly scheduled service, preventative maintenance, or you need OEM Mitsubishi parts to perform the work at home, Schumacher Mitsubishi has your back. The factory-trained technicians in our Mitsubishi Service Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, are here to help. We also offer service coupons to help save you money on your next appointment.